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Hello everyone!

We are back in Norway, after spending a great week in the UK, where we met a lot of lovely people at the “Stitches” fair in Birmingham, as well as during two workshops which we held; one at Blacksheep in Warrington and one at Lady Sew and Sew in Henley. A big thank you to everyone who attended our workshops, we really had a great time and we hope you did too!

This week, we have a great tutorial for you! A while ago, Arne did a tutorial all on his own, where he showed you how to knit our “96 stitches hat”. That tutorial has been extremely popular both on Youtube and here on the blog (see the video at the end of this post – and find the pattern for the hat  here.). So we thought we’d do some embellishment on the hat this week!

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50014 PonPon_v1


Now, we have the great pleasure of showing you how to make pompoms! These little items are some of our favourite things to make and they are great for decorating a number of things, such as scarves, ponchos, slippers, hats…

20014 PonPon_v1

Pair of slippers with pompoms from our Book “30 slippers”


I was all excited about showing you this “special” technique that I have, to make a fabulous pompom, unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as I had anticipated, so Arne ended up having to go get the vacuum cleaner afterwards.


See the PomPom tutorial here:


[youtube id=”N909Wc4ckog”]


60014 PonPon_v1 70014 PonPon_v1


Well, what else can we say… this tutorial is pretty self explanatory, so there is no written pattern for this one…

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Enjoy and see you again next week!


80014 PonPon_v1



PS: Here is the 96 stitches hat tutorial, which we posted a while ago:


[youtube id=”PQUnlpFeoYY”]