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Knitting Cruises: Priority Registration for our YouTube Members

One of our membership perks is early registration when we release our knitting cruises.

Tier 1 members (USD 4,99 per month) get to pre-register two days before we open general registration.

Tier 2 members (USD 9,99 per month) get to pre-register five days before we open general registration.

In addition to this perk, you also get custom emojis for comments and chats (see below), discounts on yarns and needles (coming soon), and weekly updates on everything that is going on her so you are always the first to know! Tier 2 members also get monthly Q&As videos and Livestreams with knitting help plus weekly behind-the-scenes videos.

Once a new cruise is planned, our members will receive advanced notice through the members’ community page on our YouTube channel so they can prepare. Once pre-registration opens according to each tier, members will get the opportunity to secure their spots.


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