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Hello Everyone,

Easter is coming!! So, in the true Norwegian outdoorsy spirit, we decided to film this episode outdoors. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to cooperate with us at all, so we almost ended up filming this video in the middle of a snow storm. Usually, the weather is good this time of the year with lots and lots of snow and bright, sunny and warm skies, so let’s hope we have better weather during Easter week than we did last week, when we filmed this episode!


100016 Eggevarmer_MASTER


Today we are doing 2 patterns for some really cute Egg Cosies, to keep your eggs warm. These are quick to knit, so you should be able to get them ready in time for this weekend’s Easter brunch!

Here is the tutorial:

[youtube id=”v9BLZMytOAM”]


60016 Eggevarmer_MASTER


And here is the pattern for Both Cosies:



Yarn: Schachenmayr Merino Extra Fine 120 – DK weight ( 50gr/1.75oz 120m/131yds). tension per 10 cm: 22 sts, 30 rows


Cosy 1:  Yellow ”sonne” 00120, Green ”tanne” 00172, Red ”kirsche” 0013, Pink ”teerose” 00136

Cosy 2: Off-White ”natur” 00120, Blue ”royal” 00151

Buy the yarn here.

Needles: 2 sets of 5 dpns (double pointed needles) Sizes: 2.5 mm and 3 mm.



eggvarmerlue 2

eggvarmerlue 1

Click on the charts to enlarge and print.



With smaller dpns, CO 32 sts, dived onto 4 dpns (8 sts per dpn) . Join, being careful not to twist cast-on row. Place marker for beginning of round. Work 24 rnds k2, p2 ribbing.

Change to larger dpns and work in pattern for 13 rnds.

Now shape the crown as follows:

Rnd 14: (K1, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k1) around.

Rnd 15: K24

Rnd 16: (K1, k2tog, k2tog, k1) around.

Rnd 17: K16

Rnd 18: (K2tog, K2)around

Cut yarn and draw end through remaining 12 sts. Pull tightly and weave in all ends neatly on WS. Lightly steam press the hat under a damp pressing cloth but do not press ribbing.

Add a pompom to the top, if you want.

50016 Eggevarmer_MASTER 80016 Eggevarmer_MASTER40016 Eggevarmer_MASTER90016 Eggevarmer_MASTER


If you are looking for more knitting patterns for Easter decorations, have a look at our Easter book, which you can buy by clicking on your flag here.



We will be taking some time off this coming week, to celebrate Easter and reload our batteries. Last year, we walked on the Inca Trail all the way from the Sacred valley to Machu Picchu in Peru, together with good friends. It was so amazing, what a fantastic Easter holiday!!!


Easter Sunday in Peru 2015


We took the Easter Bunny with us to Machu Picchu, for some extra Easter vibes.


This year we are really looking forward to a traditional Norwegian Easter, up in the mountains, with lots of snow, oranges, hot chocolate, x-country skiing. We will also catch up on our reading in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine.

Happy Easter!


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