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Hi everyone!

You can never have enough cozy blankets to use in winter, to cuddle up with in front of the fireplace, or to use outside on cool summer evenings . We make granny squares every time we clear out the yarns in our storage room. We use what we have. In this week’s episode, we are going to show you how to crochet a granny square. This is probably one of the easier things you can learn to crochet, and once you’ve practiced long enough, you will probably have more than enough squares to join as a blanket, which is the beauty of this project!

We’ve decided to split this tutorial in 2 parts, this week we will go through the steps of making the actual square and next week, we will show you how to join them – our way.

Here is this weeks tutorial:

[youtube id=”jPW8sxQbjfA”]

Edit March 2019: This pattern is now available for purchase in our online shop

So, just keep practicing these granny squares, and do as many as you can. Next week, we will show you – step by step – how you doing the squares!

Until then, take care!


70017 Granny squares_MASTER


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