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Hello everyone!

Last week we did a tutorial on how to knit the granny squares, you can find the pattern and the tutorial here.

This week, we are going to show you how to join the squares to make a really nice throw. We don’t sew or crochet the squares together as is usually done. Actually, we used to do that but it looked a little sloppy, particularly after so many hours and days of crocheting.  So, we developed a crochet pattern to join them, that we explain in this weeks tutorial, here:

[youtube id=”2o6pYsKBywA”]

Edit March 2019: This pattern is now available in our online shop

On a final note, we’d like to address an issue that we have been seeing here and there on social media, about our granny squares video, that we posted last week:

Some people have been asking us: Why are you doing 4 trebles in each group? They then comment that our way of doing a granny square is wrong by writing that “the right way to do it is 3 double crochets in each group”… So, to answer this question, we would just like to say that we do 4 trebles in each group, because… that is the way we like doing it. There is no particular reason. That’s the answer, plain and simple!

We don’t believe that there are any “rights” or “wrongs”  when it comes to doing crafts. Being designers, we like to keep an open mind, challenge ourselves, change things around and find different ways to do things. Sometimes, just by turning something upside down, or taking it apart and the putting it back together in a new way, you can get the most amazing results! It is all part of a creative process. If you don’t try something different, how will you be able to create something fresh and new? That’s the question we ask ourselves every single day.

Anyway, remember: The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing! That ‘s all that counts, as well as you being happy with the final result!! So, if you’ve learnt to do 3 double crochets in each group and prefer doing that, go ahead and do it that way! Just make sure to have a good time and enjoy what you are doing, that’s the whole point.

See you next Sunday, for part 3 of the granny squares series, which we are calling “Arne’s crochet competition”!

40017 Granny squares_MASTER



PS: You’ll find more patterns inspired by our garden in our book Knit-and-Crochet Garden (Håndarbeid fra hagen).

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