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A message from ARNE & CARLOS


WOW, everything changed so quickly during these past few days! We are glad that everyone that was on our knitting cruise in Norway was able to disembark safely and that they are on their way back to their respective countries!

We ourselves have been placed under quarantine in our home in Norway, due to the fact that we travelled outside of the Nordic countries after February 27th. As dictated by the Norwegian government, we will be spending the next 2 weeks isolated at home, in order to make sure that we do not spread the virus.

We are healthy, in good spirits and will be together in the same house during these weeks so that’s something to be positive about! But, to be honest, just thinking about the next few weeks in complete isolation, is already driving us nuts…

So, therefore, we plan on starting a daily podcast on our YouTube channel and hope to get as many of you to join us for a fun mystery knit along, that you’ll be able to do using the stash of yarn that we know you all have in your home! It’s going to be completely free (the patterns, which we are designing and writing right now will also be free!) and we hope that this initiative will inspire, support and encourage everyone during these difficult times. And hopefully, this activity will help us all keep our sanity, while we are in isolation!

So, stay tuned, as we will release more information in the next few days! Tomorrow, we will publish our weekly video (pre-recorded in January) at the usual time and we will continue doing so each Sunday at 6pm CET. This new daily podcast that we have planned for the next few weeks will be in addition to our Sunday videos!

We send everyone that has been directly affected by the Corona virus our thoughts. Our hearts go out to you, to those of you who are isolated due to being in a high risk group as well as to all of the small businesses that are (and will be) struggling in these difficult times. You may be isolated, but you are not alone! Feel free to comment this post and ask questions and we will do the best to answer them.

Sending you all our love, ARNE & CARLOS❤️

📸 Cheryl De Ville @chief_of_stash