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009 Slippers del 2 pynting_v1 SYNCED4

Winter is upon us and there’s nothing like a nice pair of cozy, felted slippers, to keep your feet nice and toasty on those winter days when even the floors indoors are cold.

Here is the tutorial, where we show you the how we start the project, how we knit the heel and give some tips and explanations about knitting with 2 threads.

Edit May 2, 2019:  The pattern for the slippers is now available for purchase in our web shop

Tune in next time, for tips and ideas on decorating the slippers. And there will also be a short tutorial on how we felt the slippers.



If you want more slippers patterns or ideas, make sure to have a look at out book, 30 Slippers, available in many languages here. Just click on your flag and it will take you to an online book store in your country.

008 Slippers part 1_v1 SYNCED4



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