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How to make Christmas cookies.

These are Arne’s favourite Christmas cookies, he says it’s not Christmas until he has stuffed himself with a few of these… Try this recipe, they are really delicious!

Just make sure to stay safe: Make sure the lid is next to the pan, so you may cover it quickly in case of a fire, and it’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher close to you!

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Since we are from Norway, we do this metric. We have no idea of American measurements, so if you are from the USA; we recommend you use an app to convert these to your measurements.

100 grams of flour

2 dl milk

3 eggs

60 grams of sugar

500 grams oil fro deep frying (we use one of coconut oil and canola oil).

Powder sugar for garnishing.


Mix flour and milk, stir well and let set for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, mix eggs and sugar, beat these well together, with a fork.

Combine both mixtures and stir well.

Remember to heat the rosette-irons in the oil before dipping them in the batter.

Deep fry for a few seconds, until golden. Put on a sheet of paper and let drip for a few seconds, than dip in powdered sugar.