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In this week’s tutorial, we show you one of our passions: Art Journaling! We are creative people and we usually think in images. So for us, Art Journaling is a really great way to process thoughts and ideas. Another interesting aspect is recycling: how you can actually turn a lot of paper waste, that you are going to throw away, into something useful and beautiful! We love working on projects and gluing stuff to our books and filling them as much as possible. And there is nothing more amazing than filling a whole book and then making a new one, from scratch and starting with blank pages.

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You really don’t need too many things to start this project: Some paper, cardboard for the covers, a nice fabric to line your book, sewing thread, a sewing machine, scissors, glue and sewing thread will take you a long way.

A&C BokaomBoka32641

We really needed to take a break from writing a knitting og crochet book last year, as we were working really hard to develop the Regia Design sock Yarn. And we had always wanted to make this book, to show other sides of our creativity.  This book was published in Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Dutch in 2015 and is due for publication in English, German and French this year. To buy or pre-order the book, select your country here. The boOk is called Make Your Own Idea Book (original Title: Boka du lager selv).

Boka-du-lager-selv          A&C-IdeaBook-Rev-300





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