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Our book Knitted Dolls (original title Strikkedukker) was published in 2011/2012 and became a very big success in many countries. Over the years, many people who have the book have requested we make a tutorial, as the doll project has many steps and is rather complicated. This  is the first part out of 3 tutorials, which we hope will answer all the questions you ever had about the doll. In this tutorial, we focus mainly on the foot and heel.

[youtube id=”2d_bSfS6zrc”]

Another issue about the book is that when we wrote it, we never thought it would be translated into so many languages, so we used a Norwegian yarn brand that is difficult to come by outside Norway. We’ve looked for a great alternative and finally we are happy that we are able to suggest the Merino Extrafine 120 (DK wieght) by SCHACHENMAYR. This yarn is available world-wide including the UK (where it is known as the Merino Extra fine by PATONS – but it is the exact same yarn as both brands belong to the same company). The Schachenmayr/Patons Merino Extrafine yarn has a great range of brown, beige and black colours that you can use as skin tones, and the supplier has promised us not to discontinue those colours in the future!

Get the pattern for the doll here

And you can get the yarn for the doll here.


This is the original publication in Norwegian. The English title is Knitted Dolls and the book is available with the same cover in many languages including English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and Japanese.

Next time, we will focus on the body and the arms. And the week after, we will focus on the head, eyes and hair.



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