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Giving priority to those who subscribe to our updates.

Hi Everyone!

We will be packing our bags to go to the UK and the USA this fall and we are almost ready to announce our FALL 2018 tour! A few things have already gone live, such as Vogue Knitting  in Minneapolis (which is already sold out). The rest of our tour will be announced on Friday August 3, 2018.

We have been thinking a lot about this: Since we don’t travel that often to the UK and US, the events tend to sell out immediately after we post on social media. This means that a lot of people are disappointed that they can’t sign up before it’s too late.  So, we have decided that the fairest thing we can actually do is to give our priority to those who subscribe to our updates. And this is exactly what we will start doing from now on!

So, we will NOT announce our tour on our social media channels. If you want to know the tour dates and whether we will be in a place near you, make sure you are subscribing to our Blog updates. We will send an email with our tour schedule to all our subscribers on Friday August 3, 2018.

If you are not on the list, there is still some time!!

If you are on a computer, you will find our opt-in box to sign up for updates on the right hand column of this page, just look to your right and scroll up a bit—>

If you are on a tablet or smartphone, just scroll down to the end of the page, and you’ll find the opt-in box there!

Have a continued great summer!