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An update from Carlos


I am writing from Granheim Lung Hospital in Gausdal, Norway, where I am spending time receiving treatment and rehabilitation after dealing with the long term effects from Covid-19, which I got nine months ago. The good news is that according to the tests that were done immediately after I was admitted into this hospital, my lung capacity has improved dramatically compared to the previous tests I took at the end of September 2020. I still have a long way to go, but I am now confident that a full recovery is possible.

So far, my days consist of taking many tests, talking to the physiotherapists and the nutritionist and being followed-up by the doctors and nurses. I am also busy working on an exercise program to rebuild my muscles and get back in shape, which I need because I lost almost all my muscle mass during the three weeks I was bedridden due to Covid, back in March/April. And I am learning lots of new things like e.g. breathing techniques and other things related to living with lung disease. I have set several goals for my stay here, most importantly, when I return home, my main plan is to go back to work full time, as I have been on sick-leave ever since I got Covid in late March 2020.

So, this is my news. I am doing fine and learning tons of new things. The food here is delicious, and they feed us four times per day! The staff is fantastic! Everyone, from the cleaners to the nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors is just lovely and excellent. I am so impressed with these facilities that even include a swimming pool (currently closed due to Covid) for exercise and lots of fancy equipment and machines in the gym! Keep in mind that this is not a private hospital, but part of the Norwegian healthcare system, a public hospital which is open and free to all residents in Norway who may need it! I am blown away by our healthcare system’s high quality and the staff’s dedication and professionalism and consider myself so lucky to live in Norway, where everyone who lives here has free access to some of the best healthcare in the world!

It has been very touching to read all the messages of love and support that Arne and I have received either on our social media platforms or via email and we want to thank you for thinking about us during difficult times! I have also read that many of you are worried about our financial situation while I am hospitalised. Please, rest assured that our system is taking excellent care of me, and that my hospital bill will be zero. So we will be OK. As always, the best way to support us is by watching, enjoying and engaging with our YouTube content. And if you check out our webshop and purchase some patterns from us, it is always appreciated, as that is how we make a living now that travelling to teach and hold lectures and do retreats is no longer possible for us.

If you still would like to contribute to help us out, I would instead like to bring your attention to Andrew and Andrea from Fruity Knitting. Andrew was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in October 2020 and is going through something severe. They have been asking for donations to help them pay for his treatments, so please consider a small financial contribution to their PayPal account or become a Patreon of their YouTube channel, as they need more help than we do. Here are the links to their website and YouTube channel:

Fruity Knitting’s Website:

Fruity Knitting’s YouTube Channel:


I am looking forward to being reunited with Arne and to return home! Arne is doing OK and we do FaceTime every day, but I am still a bit worried about his diet, as he doesn’t know how to cook – but I am trying to guide him via video and it’s going OK. He sends his love and wanted me to let you know that Helmer and Freja are doing a great job of keeping him company, so he is fine.

Carlos x


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