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Recovery update and information about our summer schedule on YouTube.

Greetings from Norway!

We have been spending time resting and recovering from Post Viral Syndrome in one of the most beautiful places in the world: the stunning Lofoten islands in Northern Norway, located beyond the Arctic circle, in the land of the midnight sun. Lofoten has always been a special place for us, and it was wonderful to come here to relax and recuperate after a very tough spring when we both got sick with Coronavirus and Carlos became critically ill. 

We drove our VW Beetle from 1968 to Lofoten and we love taking photos of her with the stunning mountains as a backdrop. Click to enlarge.

In our opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places in Norway and in the whole world! So we keep coming back again and again! Click to enlarge

Regardless of the weather, the light is stunning in Lofoten. This photo was taken in Reine just after midnight. Click to enlarge.

For many, it’s hard to believe that this beach is located north of the Arctic circle! But thanks to the Gulf stream, the climate in Lofoten is mild all year round and there isn’t much snow in winter. Click to enlarge.

Hanging out in Å, Lofoten. The red cottages behind us are traditional fishermen cottages, called “Rorbu” in Norwegian. Click to enlarge.


We have also spent a lot of our time during the past three months outdoors in our garden, working with our hands, experiencing many good moments and enjoying a typical Norwegian pre-summer. Recovering after getting Covid-19 at the end of March has been hard for Carlos, but finally, after three months of struggles, he is now almost back to his old self again! This means that he will hopefully get back to work full time in September. As of July 1st, Carlos is on 80% on sick leave and working about 20% as he is not yet fully recovered and still has problems with his concentration and short term memory. I have been doing very well all this time, as I wasn’t affected as hard as Carlos was and by the way, a blood test confirmed one month ago that I was indeed infected by the virus in March even if I, at that time, tested negative.

Anyway, we are glad to put all of this behind us now, and we are both looking forward to a lovely summer followed by an exciting autumn season on our YouTube channel!



This week on our channel, we hope you will enjoy this short summer greeting recorded recently in beautiful Hov Gård, located on Gimsøya island, in Lofoten, Norway. We spent a fantastic evening riding on the beach and then enjoyed watching the midnight sun never set under the horizon. Being able to ride horses is very therapeutic and a HUGE victory for Carlos, as one of the things he has struggled with the most after getting Covid-19 in March was his balance. Check out our video below and keep scrolling down for information about our summer schedule on YouTube.


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Information about our Schedule on YouTube in July

As many of you know, all the videos we have been showing on Sundays were pre-recorded in January, before Covid-19 came to Europe. We are now in a situation where we have run out of pre-recorded videos, and because of Carlos’ long-lasting illness, we have not been able to record new episodes at all during this spring. So, starting on July 12th, we will be publishing reruns of some of our favourite videos for a few weeks. To update them a bit, we have added new commentary to the videos we plan on rerunning, which we recorded here in Lofoten.

We will be back stronger than ever in August and September!

Now, the good news is that we have scheduled a new recording session with Erik, Anna and PJ to start filming new videos! So, starting in early August, we will be back with brand new material and Sunday episodes for you to enjoy and we also have some big surprises planned on our channel as soon as we are back!! We also plan on starting up our quarantine podcast again in September, this time, as a weekly podcast with a brand new name! This new weekly podcast will be published on Wednesdays and will be in addition to our regular Sunday sessions, which means you will get a double-dose of us every single week this autumn! Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements; we can’t wait to be back again!

Our webshop doesn’t take any holidays and is open 24/7, Click here for some great knitting and crochet patterns!

Please continue staying safe, make sure to social distance, wash your hands often and follow your health authorities’ guidelines, whatever it may be. We’d like you to know that even though we are both immune to the virus at the moment, we are still being responsible and consistently follow the Norwegian government’s guidelines and rules and will continue to do so for as long as it takes, in order to protect others from the virus.

We wish everyone a wonderful summer, we can’t wait to see you again in August!

Hugs from