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Hello Everyone, Happy Valentines day!!

What a lovely little stitch case this turned out to be! Now, hopefully, we will never loose our needles again! This project is inspired by a very cute case that we saw at the Maihaugen Museum of Folk Art, in Lillehammer, Norway, which is very close to where we live. We were so lucky to be able to go through their archives about 6 years ago, when we were working on a project with them and we ‘ve kept this idea in our minds until we finally got round to actually designing our own.

This is a great project to practice your cross stitches. And, another great thing is that you don’t really need very good sewing skills to pull this project off, as the felted fabric you use doesn’t thread, so you can just cut and adapt and do a “raw” seam. This means that once you have embroidered the stitch case, you cut the felted fabric to fit the inside of the case and sew it on to the canvas leaving the endges of the felted fabric unfolded. It is very straight forward, super easy and all is explained in our tutorial here:


[youtube id=”nAaQvyldS-I”]


You will need the following Materials:

  • Embroidery Canvas. We used Aida 11″/4,4 from Permin. When using that particular canvas, the  finished case will measure 18x9cm when opened, or 9x9cm when folded. Remember to leave 0,5 cm seam allowance on the canvas, which you fold on all 4 sides as you start embroidering (see the youtube tutorial above). You can also use other sized canvases with different thread counts too, but keep in mind that both the case and the embroidery will change size accordingly. This shouldn’t be a problem if you keep to a similar size thread count, using a canvas with small, dense holes.
  • 2 pieces of felted fabric, cut in a slightly smaller size than the embroidery embroidery canvas. Start by cutting the pieces of felted fabric the same size as the case. Once you sew the fabrics onto the embroidery canvas, you’ll need to trim them a little bit, so they fit and don’t stick out.
  • Emboridery Yarn. We’ve Used ANCHOR Stranded Cotton. Colours: Light Brown 1004, Orange: 303, Black: 382, Red: 47, Blue: 142, Gold: 300. Buy the yarn here.
  • Masking tape to mark
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread


011 Needlecase_MASTER8

011 Needlecase_MASTER6

011 Needlecase_MASTER5

011 Needlecase_MASTER9


Here is the Chart you need to use, for the embroidery. Just print this and off you go!







011 Needlecase_MASTER4



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