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The second episode in our YouTube series (which is now available to view here) is all about spending quality time together with your kids or good friends, doing a fun Christmas activity, which we guarantee will spark your creativity and make you laugh!

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We started these Christmas workshops well over 10 years ago and we used to do them with the youngest members of our family, but we’ve also done this kind of workshop together with our adult friends, during advent Sundays. It’s such a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones and relax before the stressful Christmas preparations start to kick in.

Just invite a bunch of people, heat up some Christmas wine or eggnog and you will be making the cutest angels ever and having loads of fun in no time!

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Like our then 6-year old niece said, after spending an afternoon making angels : “This was the best day in my whole life!”

You need the following materials:

*Thick paper

*Round balls for the head, the kind that you can get in any craft store. Some even come with painted faces, or you can paint your own.

*Small pieces of fabric. You really don’t need a lot. If you are a sewer, you’ll have lots of leftovers in your sewing box. Lace is really great for this project.

*Something to make wings out of. We’ve used feathers, lace or even a piece of fabric that you gather together in the middle by sewing a loose thread and then tightening the thread, to wrinkle the fabric.

* Some bling-bling, to embellish the angels: Beads, Crystals or Glitter – it is Christmas, after all!

* If you want to make arms or legs, you can use pipe cleaners, we have used that in the past, although this year, our angels don’t have any arms or legs.

* Something for the hair. We are currently using wool roven. But you can also use cotton, faux fur, fabrics or feathers.

*Beads for the halo. Use either strong sewing thread or thin metal thread, so that you can easily shape the halo.

* Scissors, paper clips, glue – a hot glue gun can come in really handy when you are gluing little things.

* Anything else from your stash that you could possibly think of.

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Once you have all the materials, all you need to do is have a look at our tutorial here, then, gather your kids and friends, and start working on creating those angels!
We promise you, once you host a Christmas workshop like this, you’ll become the most popular person in your neighbourhood!

Wishing you lots of fun and enjoyment during these weeks before Christmas,

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PS: Tune in next week, for our “Christmas Special”.