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Recap from our first LIVE streaming ever!

Hi everyone!

Today is Sunday March 11, but we won’t be posting an episode on Youtube today, as we usually do, because we did our very first LIVE stream ever yesterday evening and we are counting this live stream as this week’s episode. If you missed the live stream, you can still watch the rerun, here:


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So, we were extremely happy with how the whole thing went, and we thought we’d share some of our thoughts with you:

Erik, our camera man spent 3 hours getting the whole thing set up and testing everything yesterday afternoon, before we went live, just as a precaution, because we didn’t want any of the technology to fail us, as we hate being late to anything, and that even includes our own live stream! We were so relieved when the cameras went on and the live stream started,15 seconds before 6pm  and that we were able to make our entrance at precisely 6pm CET!

We were super nervous about the whole thing because we didn’t announce this until yesterday morning, so we had no idea how many people would join in. We had a back-up plan, in case no one was there to interact with us and if that would have happened, we had decided to show even more UFO projects and record for about 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes. But other than that back-up, we had no plan, other than to keep it informal and fun. So you can all imagine how happy we were to see about 700 people join in live! It was about 697 more people than we were expecting!

We loved interacting with people so much, the only issue we had was that the live comments were coming in so quickly and we just couldn’t read them all, as they were flying by. We still need to figure out if we can slow that down a little bit, at times it did get a bit stressful, and you can see it on Arne’s face, as he tends to blush when he is stressed out. It was our first time doing this, so for next time we now know exactly what to expect. We really had no plan, but we were incredibly happy with how it turned out!

So, will we do this again? Yes!! We need to get the logistics of bringing our team here on an evening and that is not the easiest thing to coordinate, so we won’t be able to do this too often, but we are aiming to do a new live stream in June.

We want to thank everyone who joined us, it was so much fun!  We were so glad to be able to answer so many questions, but sad that we weren’t able to answer all of them. However, we have read through all the live comments afterwards, so we did get to see everything we missed while we were streaming.

So, keep your eyes peeled for our next live stream in June, we don’t have any dates confirmed yet, but we will be sure to let you know when we get closer to a filming date.

All best,