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Knitting under the Aurora Borealis!

Join us for a journey along the stunning Norwegian coast and knit under the Nordic lights!

We have the pleasure of announcing a second knitting cruise with Hurtigruten, a 6 day journey that will take us along the gorgeous Norwegian coast line! Since our first cruise in September 2018 sold out within days and we got a huge waiting list, we have decided to add this second journey which will take place from March 12th-18th, 2019. March is spring time in Norway, and there are big chances that the Aurora Borealis might make her majestic appearance as we travel to the north. If you’ve ever wanted to knit under the Nordic lights, this is your chance!!

People do tend to have the wrong impression of the weather in Norway, and many don’t know that the entire Norwegian coast gets the Gulf Stream, which makes the winters relatively mild and with hardly any snow. So even if we will travel northbound, the weather will always be milder on the coast than it is in inland Norway, where we live. So please don’t let your thoughts on the weather hold you back, this is a great time to come to Norway!!

We hope to see you onboard!


For more info on this tour, click here.

Photo: Andreas Kalvig Anderson / Hurtigruten