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How to steek a Cardigan by ARNE&CARLOS. Part 2 Preparing and cutting the front.

We are doing a 4 episode tutorial on how to knit and steek an cardigan. In this second tutorial we go the preparations to cut the front and we show you how we do it. See the tutorial here:

[youtube id=”PtR1bge32DY”]


Yarn: We’ve used a DK weight yarn for this cardigan, the Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 120

-Main Colour 00500 Dovre, between 650-700 grams (13-14 balls of yarn) for a Men’s Medium Sweater.

-The placket, cuff and bottom hem were knitted in colour 00154 Jeans and you’ll need 100 grams (2 balls of yarn)

Buy the yarn here.

Cut the center front open and put the jacket on, mark the neck opening and the curve of the neck drop in front.  Now you can finish the shoulder seams.  Make a seam with the sewing machine around the neck drop in front, 1 seam with long stitches and seam 1 zig-zag. Cut of the fabric you don`t need. Be sure you cut on the right side of the seam (see video).  When you have the jacket in front of you the cuting should be over the seams next to the neck opening.

This concludes this weeks episode. Keep in mind that cutting up a sweater when you have stitched the front with your sewing machine is a piece of cake, as we guarantee the knitted stitches will be held together 100% by the sewing machine stitches! Be confident and just do it!!

If you want to see the first episode, you will fint it here:

[youtube id=”K8UVwATDASw”]

And you’ll find the pattern for the Medium sized cardigan in our previous post, here

Next week we will show you how to knit and sew on the placket.

Happy Knitting!