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Hello everyone!

Here is a little guide on how to find patterns on our blog.


Use a computer and go to our website at and select blog from the menu. If you look closely at the screen shot 1 below, you will see on the right side of the screen a column with our most Recent Posts. At the end of this column you will see a Search engine.  This is our blog’s Search engine. So, whatever you type there, will turn out results. Good for you to know is that the name of the Video tutorial post always corresponds to the free pattern title, and all these words are always searchable.

Screen Shot 1. Click to enlarge


So, if you are, for example, looking for a sock ( or a mitten, or a doll or a ball) pattern that we mention on a tutorial on Youtube. All you need to do is type the word “sock” (or “mitten” or “doll” or “ball”) on the search line (see screen shot 2). So, using the sock pattern as an example, type the word “sock” and click on the magnifying glass and in a few seconds, you will get 8 search results, all related to the sock patterns we have published. (See screen shots 3, 4 and 5) and more than likely, the free sock pattern you are looking for will be amongst them:

Screen Shot 2. Click to enlarge.


Screen Shot 3. Click to enlarge.


Screen Shot 4. Click to enlarge.


Screen Shot 5. Click to enlarge.


Please note that if you are on a tablet, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the search engine.



The second option to search for a free pattern on our site is to search by date or month. For example, if you are watching the “How to knit a pair of mittens” episode on Youtube and want to look for the pattern in our blog and don’t want to type the word “mitten” in the search engine: look closely at screen shot 6. On our YouTube channel, on the episode that you are watching,  just next to the round photo of us in the red background and under the ARNE & CARLOS name you can see the publication date, in this case this episode was published on 26. Feb. 2017.

Screen Shot 6. Click to enlarge.


This means the pattern was also published on February 26, 2017. So, go to our website and select blog from the menu. Again, look at the right column, this time scrolling past Recent Posts and the Search engine. You will see the Archives (see screen Shot 7).

Screen Shot 7. Click to enlarge.


Since you now know that the video and pattern were both published in Feb. 26, 2017, just click on February 2017 which will take you directly to the patterns posted that month and you will find the mitten there! (See screen shot 8)

Screen Shot 8. Click to enlarge.


So you see, it’s not so difficult to navigate our blog now that you know a little bit more how it works!  We just ask you to please be patient and just use these tips for easy navigation around here for the time being. As soon as we find a better way to sort everything out here on the blog, we will do so and make sure to let you all know!

Again, thanks so much for your great support!

Enjoy the patterns!!


All best,