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How to make the feet for our knitted birds.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Our latest book, “A Field Guide to Knitted Birds” (Fugler – Fargerike og fantasifulle) is already out in Norwegian, Danish and Dutch and soon to be released in German, English, French and Finnish. We are really excited about that!!

field-guide-to-knitted-birds300     Fugler-SM

So, we thought it would be cool to show a few things from this book, especially some of the accessories you can make for your birds. The first tutorial is all about the birds feet, which you can see here:

[youtube id=”t03ziPkjmGE”]

We are very happy with the design we came up with, and in no way were we ever thinking of “hiding” the birds feet inside the body of the bird. Our version of the birds in the book is more of an abstract “designer bird” and we don’t want to copy anything from nature, but create our own version. We really love how the feet came out, although the do remind us a little bit of walkers for the elderly.




The template is also in the book.

And the best part of making the birds feet is dipping them in paint!

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The book is, as already mentioned in above, is already available in Norwegian, Danish and Dutch and can also be preordered in English, German and French. Click here to order the book and here to get the yarn.