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How to do right- and left-leaning increases in knitting.

Starting this Sunday and for the next 12 weeks, our video tutorials will have a completely different look and feel, compared to what you’ve been used to seeing on our YouTube channel for the past five years. We wanted to change things up a bit, so we decided to temporarily relocate to Lofoten in northern Norway, and record our Sunday video tutorials on different locations around these stunning islands!⁠

In this week’s tutorial which was recorded in Nusfjord, a lovely little fishing village in the southern shores of Flakstadøya, we show you how we do right- and left-leaning increases to knit traditional style Norwegian mittens. There is also a new mitten pattern available in our webshop!


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Click on the image to get the pattern for the mittens featured in this week’s tutorial.

We are also looking forward to showing you around Nusfjord!! Our next virtual postcard, which we will publish on Tuesday, August 11th will feature this lovely little village, as we continue to drive around and discover everything these magical islands in the “land of the midnight sun” have to offer, so stay tuned!!

On a final note, we have to express how lucky we are to live such an uncrowded country like Norway, especially during times like these. Our country has not been profoundly affected by the coronavirus, and we can safely travel around, as long as we follow our government’s guidelines. We would like to encourage everyone to be responsible and to please follow your government’s instructions, whatever they may be! Please wash your hands regularly, keep 6 ft distance to others and if your government requires it, please wear a mask when out in public.

Nusfjord is one of the cutest fishing villages in Lofoten. Click to enlarge.


    • Annette on August 10, 2020 at 1:39 am


    Another lovely pair of mittens. Beautiful country. Thanks for sharing. Keep safe. Hi from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    • wendy hollow on August 10, 2020 at 3:11 am


    Love you guys! Eric made the seagulls disappear! Hugs WAHx

    • Alicia Quintano on August 10, 2020 at 10:08 am


    Hi, it’s great to see Norway with you! Will Freja join you during the 12 weeks??? She could bark at the seagulls if there aren’t any moose.

    • Patty on August 10, 2020 at 3:53 pm


    You guys make me smile and of course I learn something new every time. Thank you!

    • Robin S. Wilson on August 10, 2020 at 3:53 pm


    Dear Arne & Carlos,

    Just spent the weekend watching your videos, past and present. Your visit to Northern Norway was awesome. Will look forward to future videos from that beautiful village. Like the previous message, I wanted to know if Freya will be with you all?

    In the meantime, stay safe!

    Robin Wilson
    Haymarket, Virginia

  1. Reply

    The work you do is inspiring. In these terrible, traumatic times of Covid-19 your kindness is heartwarming and important. I used to live in Oslo when I was a little girl and seeing you and your surroundings brings many of those memories back to me as a 65 year old lady. I think it was one of the most wonderful places I’ve lived.

    Pauline from Oakland, California

    • Nancy from USA on August 10, 2020 at 5:01 pm


    Love you both! So glad you are well and back!

    • Susanne K. Møller on August 10, 2020 at 5:32 pm


    WOW ! Left-leaning increases. I never ever even heard of that.
    I am sure it will make my knitted mittens much nicer in the future 😀

    Hello, Erik 😀
    A&C you two did a good job, but Erik is prof, so of course he knows all the “left increases” of filming .
    Nice to see the three of you back again .

    Those mittens a beautyful !
    It is too hot to knit with wool just these days, but I look very much forward to testing my skills whit them.
    And tankyou for including a list of abbrevations, – extremely helpful for us, who didn’t grow up with English language.

    • Anne Doherty on August 10, 2020 at 6:49 pm


    Thank you! It will be lovely to see a new section of your country, especially with all the travel restrictions!

    • alexandra efthemis on August 10, 2020 at 8:31 pm


    Hello from Buffalo, New York

    • Steve on August 10, 2020 at 9:02 pm


    Fantastic all around, as always. Thanks for the lovely video and it is great to see you both. Enjoy, Steve, NC. USA

    • Deborah W L Moy on August 10, 2020 at 9:14 pm


    Hi Arne, Hi Carlos
    I have watched possibly , almost … maybe all your past videos. So much so, I’ve stopped posting comments just incase Ibstart 5o repeat myself 🤣🤣
    Taking notes on your summer trip.. for when I get a chance to visit to Norway😍
    Great to see you both so well . Keep it up xx
    Groetjes , Deborah

    • Mary Ann Sullivan on August 10, 2020 at 9:19 pm


    The sweaters you are wearing, in the sleeve, is that not a right-leaning and left-leaning increase?
    So glad you are back, and I am enjoying your travels.
    Jacksonville FL.

    • Karen Mancinelli on August 10, 2020 at 10:14 pm


    Thank you for taking me on a virtual vacation to a place I will probably never see in person. Here in North Carolina, USA we are not doing well, having had a 5.1 earthquake and a hurricane in the same month, not to mention rising COVID out of control and virtual schools. Pray for us here in the US that we can overcome.

    • Margaret Crosby on August 10, 2020 at 10:52 pm


    I am absolutely loving your road trip videos in this COVID time.
    Things are very worrying here in Victoria ,Australia at the moment and we are all in isolation.
    The videos are the opportunity to escape the anxiety we are all feeling. Loved the packing video!
    Loved the scenery. Looking forward to next video.

    • Barbro Donithan on August 11, 2020 at 4:35 am


    Love your you tubes. You must come to Leavenworth, Washington and visit us again.

    • Trudie on August 11, 2020 at 2:00 pm


    Visited Lofoten about 15 years ago, seeing your photos brought back wonderful memories. Stay well

    • Glenda Bagherian on August 11, 2020 at 4:53 pm


    Thank you for making my life more enjoyable in Texas. I am a very old knitter learning new techniques. 😊

    • Susan Flajnik on August 11, 2020 at 8:16 pm


    Aggressive seagulls! I am with you Carlos! Some years ago, when living in Miami, I witnessed a seagull dive-bomb my 3 year old daughter and remove a cookie from her hand at the beach.

    Visiting La Jolla California last year, we were told to watch our food as we sat outside at a beautiful cafe over looking the ocean. There were two notorious seagulls that worked as a team. One flies in to distract you and the other flies in and takes the food! The cafe said they would reimburse us if that happens. They even have a special button on the register to record the cost because it happens so often.
    Must say the seagulls behind you in this podcast added a touch of suspense I hadn’t experienced in any other of the podcast you’ve made.

    • Susan Flajnik on August 11, 2020 at 8:35 pm


    One more comment to make you smile at my twin sister’s expense!

    Carlos, when you were talking about the link to the tutorial about making stitch increases and referring to Arne’s use of mothers, grandmothers etc. to help explain the process, my sister called me all excited that we were going to see a video that had generations of Arne’s family represented! We had a great laugh together.

    We are so grateful for the fun, inspiration and goodness that you have brought into our lives!

    • Agnes Jamont on August 12, 2020 at 7:26 pm


    A warm thank you for providing such wonderful and inspiring videos and tutorials. I am not a great knitter, but one day I will try your nordic patterns – perhaps mittens! I always have a knitting project, and find it a very good therapy, especially in these times. Be well and continue your good work!

    • Joyce Richards on August 15, 2020 at 4:41 am


    I too love the goodness that I feel watching your videos.
    Very tough times in isolation in the US right now.
    Good luck to all of us!

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