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ARNE & CARLOS Yarn Availability in the USA and in Canada.

Hello to all our North American fans and friends!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the availability of “our” yarn in the USA/CANADA and finally we can confirm that we are partnering with WEBS as our online retailer in the USA. We’ve already updated the link on our website and you can also go to our landing page within the WEBS website by clicking here.

By visiting the link above, you’ll be able to purchase all the yarns we use in the tutorials including the sock yarns we’ve designed for REGIA. At the moment, we can’t see that the PAIRFECT yarns have been uploaded onto the online shop – but this is now only a matter of time… So please be patient for just a few more days, and they should all be available there!

Also, we are happy to announce that the yarns are also readily available at local retailers across the USA/CANADA, as distribution of the REGIA yarns in North America is now back to normal.


Another good thing to know is that REGIA, ROWAN and SCHACHENMAYR yarns belong to the same company and have the same distributor in North America, so if you already are familiar with ROWAN yarns and know where to get them, then there is a very big chance that the same retailer that sells ROWAN yarns also sells the REGIA sock yarns including our designs, and if they don’t, they can easily get the REGIA Design or Pairfect Lines by ARNE & CARLOS from the same vendor that they get their ROWAN yarns, so it shouldn’t be a problem – in any way – for you to especially order these in your local yarn stores.

Now, as for Canada, same as above applies in terms of retailers across the your country. We are currently waiting to announce a dedicated Canadian online partner for our yarns there, although we already know that the yarns are available from WEBS, who also ship to Canada, so you can always place your orders through the link here, until further notice.

Now to some very exciting news:

We will shortly be launching a new REGIA Pairfect Line (based on the original REGIA Design Line with the Edward Munch Colours that we launched in 2015) with 6 colours. This is coming very soon! Also, there will be 6 brand new colours added to the existing PAIRFECT Line, coming in the fall. And we can also share with you all that we are most definitely working on new sock yarn and other developments that we will announce when the time is ready!


A&C BokaomBoka32623 copy

The new REGIA Pairfect line by ARNE & CARLOS is based on this first effect and has a cuff, heel and toe in a solid colour.


Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Happy Knitting from ARNE & CARLOS