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The Inspiration Behind One of Our Most Iconic Designs.

We are back with a new episode recorded in Nusfjord, located in the beautiful Lofoten islands in northern Norway!  This week, we talk about the inspiration behind one of our most iconic designs, which we created during our first trip to Lofoten back in 2007. We’ve now released the Reine hat, which was part of this original collection, and made it available as a pattern in our webshop. The technique is super simple and easily adds some texture and interest to the colourwork.

Click on the photo to purchase the pattern.

Spending time in Lofoten this summer brought a lot of fond memories from our first visit there in 2007. We designed what was going to become one of our most iconic sweaters during that first visit to these beautiful islands north of the Arctic circle, and we have been waiting to do this tutorial until we finally got the opportunity to film there. Check out our video below and get this week’s pattern in our webshop.

Edit: After filming this video, we have received some information about the name of the sweater and the origins of the pattern:

The reason it is called an “Islender” (Icelander) sweater is that a trading company from Iceland introduced this pattern to Scandinavia. As we say in the video, this sweater is most definitely not Icelandic. One of our Danish viewers sent us some links about knitting patterns from the Faroe Islands and it looks like this pattern is part of their knitting tradition. It would actually make a lot of sense if a trading company from Iceland went to the Faroe Islands and then introduced the knitting pattern or even the sweater to Denmark and Norway. In any case, as with so many of the traditional knitting patterns, it got assimilated into our culture and today, this is one of the most recognisable sweater designs in Norway!


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And, as promised in the video, here below is a photo of our version of the “Fishermen’s” sweater. This is the jumper that we designed in 2007 and which is inspired by the traditional Norwegian “Islender” or “Island” sweater. Reine, the hat in today’s tutorial shares the same pattern as our original sweater.

Click on Image to enlarge.


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Arne wearing his new sweater called “Hammerfest 350”.

Ps: In case you would like to have a look at more sweaters from the Norlender brand, here is their website: