An update about my health and Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! When we announced on Friday March 27th that we were going to extend the podcast for two additional weeks, I was so excited! At the time, I was brewing on a cold, but I thought it wouldn’t be too bad and that I would be able to follow up with the daily podcasts […]

An update from Carlos

Hello! I am writing from Granheim Lung Hospital in Gausdal, Norway, where I am spending time receiving treatment and rehabilitation after dealing with the long term effects from Covid-19, which I got nine months ago. The good news is that according to the tests that were done immediately after I was admitted into this hospital, […]

Post-Easter Update on Carlos’ Health.

As most of you already know, Carlos tested positive for Covid-19 and has been seriously ill. As of now, he no longer has the virus in his body, which is a good thing, however, he is now unfortunately suffering from “Post Viral Syndrome” which is a complication from the virus and means that he is […]

Recent Posts

Knitting Designs with Norwegian Wool – Part 1.

We are pleased to share our latest collaboration with ROWAN, which includes a new yarn, Norwegian Wool and a series of knitted designs inspired by Norwegian “fun in the snow”. Check the video below and get the yarn as well as all the free patterns here.     Please accept YouTube cookies to play videos on […]

Advent Calendar 2021 Launch: How To Do a Closed Cast On with Magic Loop.

Today, we are ready to launch our Advent Calendar for 2021 and start with this tutorial for the closed cast on with Magic Loop. If you prefer dpns, cast on as you normally would and see the bottom opening closed when you complete the sweater. Check out the video here below and click here or […]

Norwegian Craft Traditions: Episode 10 Knitting, Poetry, Music and Storytelling with Kim Rysstad

Our journey in Setesdal has come to an end, and we have returned home. Today, we are honoured to receive a visit from our friend, the uber-talented Norwegian Grammy-nominated folk singer Kim Rysstad. In the grand finale of this series, we will talk about knitting, poetry, music and storytelling from Setesdal and hear Kim sing […]

Norwegian Craft Traditions: Episode 10. Meet the Family of Silversmiths – 12 generations.

Hello and welcome to our guide of all things from Seteasdal! Today, we visit Sylvsmie Rysstad Sylv, which is run by Torfinn and his mother, to learn more about crafting traditional filigree brooches, cufflinks, and other jewellery worn with the traditional folk costumes. And to talk about an extended family that has kept the craftsmen’s […]

Norwegian Craft Traditions: Episode 8. Weaving Traditional Shawls and Belts at Valle Vev.

Welcome to our guide to the crafts of Setesdal, Norway! Today, we meet up with Karin Bøe again to find out more about the weaving traditions of Setesdal. Karin has a master’s degree in weaving and shows us the stunning fabrics that she creates and which are used to make the traditional shawls and belts […]

Norwegian Craft Traditions: Episode 7. Learning Traditional Løyesaum Embroidery

Welcome to our guide to Setesdal! Randi Myrum is back to talk about the traditional Løyesaum embroidery found on the folk costumes and sweaters in Setesdal and to give us some quick lessons on how to make the embroideries ourselves. Check out the episode here below and keep scrolling to see some close-up images of […]

Norwegian Craft Traditions Episode 6. The Story of the Iconic Lice Sweater from Setesdal

Annemor is back! We visit Government Grant Holder and Recipient of the King’s Medal of Merit, Annemor Sundbø in Ose, to learn more about the traditional Lusekofte (Lice Sweater) from Setesdal, the most iconic sweater in Norway – and perhaps the world! See the episode here below:   Please accept YouTube cookies to play videos […]

Norwegian Craft Traditions: Episode 5. A visit to Valle Husflid Arts & Crafts Store.

In Norway, you can still get bespoke clothing made on-site at the Husfliden stores, which exist all over the country and usually have an atelier directly above the shop. Karin Bøe takes us on a tour of Valle Husfliden and explains the time-honoured process: from measuring customers to creating their unique and bespoke folk costumes. […]

Norwegian Craft Traditions – Episode 4. Folk Costumes – Still Going Strong After 300 years!

In Setesdal, there has been an unbroken tradition of wearing folk costumes for the past 300 years. We meet with textile and folk costume expert Randi Myrum inside the stunning 16th-century Rygnestad loft, to discover its textile treasures and to learn more about the folk costumes of Setesdal and the traditions of wearing them in […]

Norwegian Craft Traditions – Episode 3. Dyeing Yarn at Gomes Hus.

This is our guide to the stunning Setesdal area in southern Norway. Welcome to Gomes Hus, grandma’s house, a cosy place where everyone is welcome! Liv Stormo shows us how she dyes yarns with local plants. We tour her lovely farm shop and enjoy some delicious baked goods. Contact Liv Stormo at Gomes Hus through […]