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ARNE & CARLOS have created a striking set of cushions to enliven any living room

Words by Rosee Woodland


Built on a foundation of Norwegian folk art and a playful love for colour, the new cushion collection from ARNE & CARLOS features an array of designs that can be mixed and matched to the maker’s desire.

There are four floral patterns and four geometric patterns, which can either be used with a plain cushion back, or paired front and back to spectacular effect.

Much of the work of ARNE & CARLOS is influenced by Norway’s rich textile heritage, which they reimagine using both classic and contemporary colourways.

The larger motifs in these new cushions echo both the designs found in rosemaling – a
form of Norwegian floral painting, and those seen in Norwegian embroidery, while the smaller repeating patterns offer a new twist on Scandinavian colourwork, tapestry and cross stitch.

The designs all have been worked up in Softyak DK. It’s a cotton and yak fibre mix chainette yarn with a rich colour palette and a luxurious feel. Helpfully, it’s machine washable too, making it perfect for homewares.

Whether you choose to work the small or large motifs – or indeed combine them – this set of new cushion designs from Arne and Carlos is sure to find a happy place in your home.

The ARNE & CARLOS Cushion Collection is available to download now at





    • Phillip Atkinson on November 27, 2020 at 11:34 am


    Hi both
    I have purchased two copies of your book on Cushions. Whilst there appears to be nothing wrong with the patterns (but read below) themselves, the book appears to have been constructed on a copy and paste basis and not properly scrutinised. The information on page 44 describes guidance on the construction of a garment (probably a sweater). The book is all cushions: not a sweater or garment in sight! The captions for the photos do not match the designs. Page 4 and 5 both describe Torfinn when the patterns are entirely different. The same happens on images 6 and 7…. and 8 and 9. The yarn requirements given do not match the images: Torfinn version A does indeed have 5 colours but version B is shown to be two colours yet 3 colours are listed. There is no picture of version C but the yarn requirement lists 6 colours, having apparently combined versions A and B whilst omitting Albany and Prairie. So this is a very confusing book which has obviously not been proof-read properly before sale. No doubt there are further errors yet to be discovered. It is hoped that the patterns themselves can actually be worked. Nice touch to expand your market by making half the book in German but that is of no use to a non-German speaker and means that the book is twice the price it should be. Very disappointing and I will not be recommending this book to anyone.

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