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We are so excited about our new book which will be out in Norway this Fall! It’s been such a joy to design all the different birds in the book; we’ve got everything from birds that actually exist in our garden to birds with different patterned sweater designs as well as  embroidered birds and fantastical birds of paradise which are first knitted and then embroidered with beads and decorated with feathers.

You can use the birds to decorate your home all year round, but they do have a tendency to fly over to the Christmas tree as soon as the holidays are approaching!

The book will be released in Norway in early September and can be pre-ordered (in Norwegian) here. The good news is that it will be published in Danish (estimated end of September) and Dutch (estimated end of October)  this fall.

The English, German and French versions of the book are confirmed for publication in 2017 and we also expect the book will be translated to several more languages – more information will follow as soon as we know more.

Enjoy these photos while we wait for the book to arrive!


Birds found in our Garden.


Embroidered birds


A&C Fugler 2.117

Fantastical birds of paradise.



ARNE & CARLOS “Colourful and Fantastical Birds” to be published in Norway in early September 2016.