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Hello everyone!

Spring is here and we’ve spent some time crocheting flowers in our greenhouse. We’ve done masses of little primrose flowers and then crocheted them together for a large throw. The only “rule” was that the same two colors never meet. This is a project for anyone with plenty of patience and time. The key to the success – colour wise – is to keep the colours as random as possible.

See the tutorial here:



Crochet hook: U.S. size E-4 / 3.5 mm and  yarn suitable for hook size. We like the Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 120 (DK weight) as it has so many beautiful colours to choose from and because it is such a soft and lovely yarn.

Buy the yarn here.

This project is also perfect for left over yarn, so just clear out your stash – get som extra space and you have a great excuse to go out and get new yarn!

A&C HageBok 845 A&C HageBok 846

Whole Flower

Rnd 1: Ch 6 and join into a ring with 1 sl st into 1st ch.

Rnd 2: Ch 5 (= 1 tr and 1 ch), (1 tr around ring, ch 1) around until there are total of 12 tr and 12 ch. End with 1 sl st into 1st tr (= 4th ch at beg).

Rnd 3: Change color and ch 4 (= 1 tr), 1 tr around ch loop, (ch 2, 2 tr in next ch loop) around and end with 1 st st into top of  beg ch.

Rnd 4: Change color. Turn work, (2 sc around ch loop, ch 3, 2 sc around same ch loop) in each ch loop around. End with 1 sl st into 1st sc; cut yarn and bring end through rem st.

A&C HageBok 847

For rest of the flowers, crochet the flower to another one on the 4th rnd.



Crochet with the yarn for flower number 2. Work *2 sc around a ch loop of Flower #2, ch 1 and 2 sc around a ch loop of Flower #1. Ch 1, 2 sc around the same ch loop on Flower #2*; rep * to * 2 times to join the flowers.

Two flowers meet only in two ch loops and are crocheted together with 2 “mouse teeth.”

A&C HageBok 850 A&C HageBok 851

Half Flowers for the Edging

Rnd 1: Ch 6 and join into a ring with 1 sl st into 1st ch.

Rnd 2: Ch 5 (= 1 tr and 1 ch), (1 tr around ring, ch 1) around 6 times and end with 1 tr.

Rnd 3: Turn and change color. Ch 4 (= 1 tr), 1 tr around ch loop, ch 2 (2 tr in next ch loop, ch 2) around and end with 2 tr into last ch loop.

Rnd 4: Crochet as for the whole flower when the flower is joined with another.

A&C HageBok 852

This throw has 21 whole and 2 half flowers across the width and is 25 whole and 2 half flowers in length. We used a total of 11 half flowers as an edging on the short side and 26 half flowers on the long side.

We edged the throw with 4 tr in the center of every half flower and 4 tr around the outer tr of the half flowers. We rounded the corners with 10 tr.

knit&crochetgarden FINAL300Handarbeid-fra-hagen

You’ll find more great patterns for summer crochet and knitting in our book Knit and Crochet Garden 8Håndarbeid fra Hagen). Buy it by clicking on your country’s flag, here.


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